Vintage Bianchi Bicycle Columbus tubing Shimano 600 ex components road race bike


vintage Bianchi bicycles columbus tubing weight 10,6 kg center to center 57cm center to top 58cm top tube 57cm headtube 15,5cm 6 speed complete 600 ex groupset crankset, derailleurs, shifters, brake levers, wheels, headset, brake calipers, bottom bracket, pedalsseatpost 3tttsaddle turbo bianchi POWER OF ATTORNEY: Buying on my auction or in my shop (website) constitutes acceptance of Terms (…) Buying on my auction you give me a single power of attorney to conclude an agreement for service on your behalf and your account with the supplier – with a view to send through it purchased goods. Transferred for this purpose funds do not constitute additional income of seller. The power of attorney does not charge the buyer in an additional way. PEŁNOMOCNICTWO: Zakup na mojej aukcji ( w sklepie) oznacza akceptację regulaminu (…) Kupując na mojej aukcji udzielasz mi jednorazowego pełnomocnictwa na zawarcie umowy, o świadczenie usług w Twoim imieniu i na Twój rachunek z dostawcą – w celu przesłania za jej pośrednictwem zakupionego towaru. Przekazane na ten cel środki pieniężne nie stanowią dodatkowego dochodu sprzedającego. Pełnomocnictwo w żaden sposób nie obciąża dodatkowo Kupującego. To avoid any subsequent misunderstandings, please note that importing goods from another country can mean that your national Customs authorities may charge you Customs Duty and/or other additional related taxes (for example a Value Added Tax or a Purchase Tax). YOU, as the importer, are responsible for paying any such taxes. We haven’t any regulate over what taxes you will be charged by your own national tax authorities. We don’t seem to be responsible for compensating you for payment of any such taxes. If you do not know how much (if any) import tax you might have to pay, please check with your local tax authorities BEFORE entering into a contract to purchase. Shipping frequently takes about 1-2 weeks but every now and then takes much longer especially to the USA even 30-40 days, If you made a decision to buy it’s a must to believe it, If your purchase lost or takes more than 40 days then I refund you money without problem, or send to you another one (If I have it) it is your choice. Before open a case on ebay please contact with me, I am sure that we come to agreement without ebay help


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