Time Skylon Aktiv Carbon Aero Road Bike, Large, Hand Made, Excellent Condition


Up for sale is an excellent condition hand made in France Time Skylon Road bike. Size Large (57cm or 58cm) Bike is custom built with campagnolo Record/Chorus parts and Bontrager Aeolus 3 Carbon wheels for the perfect blend of speed, comfort and stability. Frame is in near perfect condition, was professionally assembled from new only ~3 months prior and has maybe 10 rides on it if that, pretty much used exclusively for one certain ride. Has been well cared for as well and has no scratches, cosmetic blems or dings and zero damage or other issues. Parts were moved over from a previous frame but are all in good shape as well with slightly low wear. Bar and stem are Time carbon pieces as well, 120mm stem and 44cm bar. Saddle height is ~785mm, a variety of seatpost in the frame to move up and mast can be cut down to get a lower saddle height as well. Frame Description from Time:”The Skylon Aktiv frameset is the aero road bike that makes you imagine every road is smooth, no matter how cracked and potholed it is. The name of the game sauce is found in the Aktiv fork, which reduces low-frequency vibrations by 30%.The fork is designed with a tuned mass damper inside. It’s a small weight on a flexible rod moving inside the fork. You won’t hear it moving as there are rubber bumpers to damp any sound. It adds 200g to the bike. But what it takes away is vibration. Time found that 75% of the vibration experienced by the rider comes from the fork. When tuned mass dampers are used in cars, they help stabilize the front end. So not only are lots of vibrations never making it past the dampers, but stability has improved. This not only smoothes out the road, but increases confidence, decreases fatigue, for an overall performance improvement.The Aktiv model also comes with an extended seat mast. In some bikes, this increases the feeling of stiffness. In Time, it decreases that sensation. That’s because Time deploys vibration-damping Vectran fibers woven all the way to the top of the mast. The mast is topped with a clamp that allow for 3cm of vertical adjustment. It’s also 30g lighter than the standard seat post. If you don’t want the mast, it can be removed, and the clamp used to protected a Time seat post; a change we will do.The fork and seatmast are the only two changes from the standard Skylon. The Skylon itself is Time’s entry into the aero road market. They used computational fluid dynamics to design the ideal aero tube shapes to meld with their Grand Tour geometry. The tubes are about 40% larger than on other Times, with the material going to benefiting from aerodynamics. The head tube has been widened, particularly at the bottom, where the 1 1/8” to 1 1/2” steerer meshes perfectly with the fork, head tube and downtube. The downtube is teardrop shaped, the seat tube shrouds the rear wheel, and the seat stays have been shortened and extensively shaped. The seat post is likewise designed for aerodynamics.Time is likely one of the few bike companies that weaves their own carbon-fiber tubes. This way they’re better able to regulate not only tube shapes, but tube characteristics. With the Skylon, the main triangle is monobloc, created out of a single carbon-fiber “sock,” and shaped around a wax form. The rear triangle is attached in two pieces, with a U-shaped end for the chain stays and a wishbone for the seat stays. But even so being better able to regulate stiffness and compliance with this method, the frame is also more crash-worthy. The frame is covered by a lifetime warranty, and if the rear triangle gets damaged, which is far more likely than the front triangle, Time can remove it and replace it.”Please note: Listing is for a complete bike but willing to sell as frame, fork, bar/stem combo only as well for $2900 (please contact me if interested).Thanks for looking and please contact me with any questions!


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