Running Jogging Exercise Hybrid Floating on Air Balance Hover Half Bike Bicycle


Welcome to THE next generation bicycle! This gorgeous hybrid is like riding a bicycle, jogging and walking on air all at the same time! The fluid motion sensation you’ll be able to experience from getting around on this beauty will make you feel like you’re floating in a state of levitation. Take this stand-up bicycle for a ride and several things will be happening all at once: first you’ll be able to be having A LOT of fun, you’ll be able to be exercising and you’ll be able to be enjoying the looks and attention you’ll be able to be getting from everyone around you! The motion when riding any such is as smooth and fluid as can be. The front and rear tires are pneumatic (meaning air filled, NOT solid rubber), it has a spring suspension and all your body is involved in turning as you lean backward and forward. If you live in an urban environment, this bike is an ideal way to get around town. It folds, is light weight, easy to take on a bus or train, stores easily and moves as fast as you’ll be able to pedal. It of course will provide hours and hours of fun no matter where you live. It is a great bike for man, woman or child. ECONOMY SHIPPING – please allow 10-15 business days to receive your bike. Here are the bike’s specifications – It’s just like jogging but with absolutely no stress on your knees or ankles Pneumatic front and rear tires – it’s like walking on air Rear has spring and equalized suspension Lower frame is aluminum alloy Upper frame/deal with bars is a natural bamboo wood; extremely sturdy which provides a unique, gorgeous look Overall height is about 53″ tall Bike weighs about 33lbs Can accommodate a rider up to 210lbs Folds down to measurement size of 41.35″ X 17.75″ X 21.25″ High strength alloy chain and alloy crank Magnesium alloy front rim Available in blue, white, or red – please specify color choice at take a look at To see a video of this gorgeous piece of engineering in action, please go to YT; copy and paste “Q42HltPqvO4” (without the quotes) into the YT search box. This bike arrives brand new in an unopened box and again shipping is free. My name is Dan, any questions or issues at all, please send a message or feel free to call 914-525-2487 I have several in point of fact cool scooters and bikes at the moment in my inventory – check my store category Scooters to see what else I have. I have goodies for every taste and budget.


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