Peugeot PY10FC bike 56CM Excellent Condition Vitus Carbon Fiber Frame/Fork/HS


This can be a nice, clean example of the classic Peugeot PY10FC in excellent condition, 56CM seat tube. The PY10FC was once made by Vitus especially for the Peugeot Pro Team and is an upgraded version of the Vitus Carbone 3. The PY10FC has quite bigger diameter carbon fiber tubes to increase stiffness then the Vitus Carbone 3. Plus the carbon fiber strand orientation on the tubes was once specifically designed for Peugeot. The shifters on the down tube are clamped on to reduce the chance of weakening the down tube if they drilled holes through it like they did with the Carbone 3. There is also tube end aluminum reinforcing rings on the Peugeot, next to the frame lugs to keep the ends from fraying or cracking. The aluminum parts are Vitus 979 alloy. The PY10FC was once used by the Peugeot factory pro team to win many stages in the biggest races in Europe like the Tour de France, not so with the Carbone 3. This bike does not have the Peugeot team decals but they’re readily to be had online. I purchased this bike from the original owner approximately 8 to 10 years ago. It had been used sparingly in was once built up new with a non-stunning but perfectly functional Shimano 105 group in the 1980s. As a fan of Peugeot bikes and owning a Vitus 979 bike, I thought this was once a great & interesting bike to have…alas, it is just enough outside the spectrum of a good bike fit in size that I have barely ridden it (probably 50 miles), so it is time for it to find a loving home it’ll build it up with the correct high end group and enjoy it in its glory! It is currently build as shown in the photos but will be sold as a frame, fork, headset (105) and seat post. (The bottom bracket is fine and I will leave it for you if you want). Shipping will be via FedEx in a proper bike box packed well with years of experience in such things. When you have any questions please message me. Thanks for looking!


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