NEW 2016 Intense Uzzi Custom Build 7″ DH Trail bike – medium


Dealer Cost on this custom build! size medium we have many other bikes from Intense, Yeti, Kona, Transition, Scott, Pivot, and more. Call so I will be able to help you understand what your buying and pick out the right bike! I’ve been selling mountain bikes since 1984! mike at thebackcountry dot net , five three zero, 3 six two, 00two zero This buy it now auction is for a NEW custom 2016 Intense Uzzi 7″ travel full suspension mountain bike. I ride the same model bike myself and can’t consider how much better I’m doing in the bike parks. I usually ride the Intense M16, and have that for sale. Love that bike too! But this Uzzi helps you be much more nimble and improve your style and control on the jump lines. It’s super plush in the rocks and feels just like the full DH rig to me…only weighs 7lbs less. I’ve been riding it on normal trails all summer and am wondering why I used to be so concerned about weight all this time. For any sub 3 hour trail ride, I’m loving this bike. We are a 25 year mountain bike shop in Truckee, CA and are turning back to ski shop at this time of year. Call me to talk about the exact condition of each bike, and take into account that I have a LOT more than I’m showing on ebay. New, Demo, Used, Consignment….call me when you are READY TO BUY please. I can help you choose the right bike! – five three zero 362 zero zero two zero – This bike is for sale in our bike shop and may sell moments before you order it here. We try to update our ebay listings the moment we sell any of these bikes. Calling first is advised. We will be able to pack your bike properly to offer protection to it and ship it with insurance. There is not any profit in this task, UPS charges at least $150 to ship a box this large no matter how lightweight or nearby because of it’s “oversize” class and that is the reason before insurance. Beware of bike shippers who don’t charge you this much and ask if it’s insured and protected like a factory bicycle packing. again call me so you know what your buying! mike at five three zero 362 zero zero two zero –


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