Montague Paratrooper Pro  27 Speed Folding Mountain Bike 18″ Matte Black


For sale is a mainly up to date Montague Paratrooper Pro 18″ folding mountain bike. This is the one that may be folded up and wheel got rid of for east storage and transport. I got this a couple years ago but never ended up the usage of it. It mainly just sat in the closet being shipped from location to location. Other than being rolled around a new times it has never been used. It does have a couple small marks from its last shuttle being shipped. The sticker protecting the chassis from rubbing against the brake and gear lines has chaffed and there may be one small nick on the rear wheel rim. I have included photos of both. 
 Since it’s no longer in the box and has the above marks I am selling it for $700 firm. All manuals will be included. I will be able to also reinstall the original seat and pedals that it came with as I had installed aftermarket ones back when I intended to use the bike. 
 I am doing local pickup in Aurora, CO but now offering shipping and handling to US verified PayPal addresses too tho it’s going to be pricy. Buyer pays shipping. No international shipping.


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