Klein Quantum Race 55cm w/ Compact Crank +12-27 Geared 4 Hills Dura Ace BEAUTY  


Up for sale is my 1997 Klein Quantum Race! This can be a BEAUTIFUL bike, with a mix of original and custom components. It features Dura Ace 7700 brifters (They function perfectly, and look very nice). Dura Ace rear derailleur. 12-27 tooth 9-speed rear cassette. FSA Vero compact crankset 34/50t.(I installed it shortly before I stopped riding. It and the new bottom bracket are essentially brand new). Continental Gatorskin tires -25mm- In good shape- probably have about 2K miles on ’em with no punctures. Ultegra SPD pedals (Plain old SPD- MTB style!) Original stuff: 3ttt stem. Thompson seatpost. I overlook the brand of the bars, but they’re original and in good shape. Aurora wheels- are true, with good hubs- in excellent shape, as are the spokes. Never a problem. Vuelta Bassano seat. Showing a little cosmetic wear, but no damage. Most comfortable seat I’ve ever had! Original Tri-color/600/Ultegra brakes. Original Tri-color/600/Ultegra front derailleur. I also still have the original standard crankset (Tri-color/600/Ultegra) which I’ll be happy to send along side the bike if you wish to have it. Everything works perfectly! This bike rides like a dream. Shifts smooth as butter; stops great. She’s light, fast, and responsive. And you’d never know you were riding an aluminum bike, because despite being plenty stiff (I weigh 190 lbs) she’s very smooth and not at all harsh, like some lesser aluminum bikes- which is why she’s a Klein! (If you’ve never ridden a Klein of this era, they are AMAZING! -and in my opinion, the late 90’s were when Klein was at it’s best- as they had worked out the entire bugs of the earlier models, and still maintained the quality and vision of gary Klein which the later models lacked). Cosmetically, the bike is beautiful. Not perfect of course- there are a couple of little chips and scratches, and there’s a very small dent on the underside of the downtube (see picture with big green arrow pointing to it)- which was caused by UPS puncturing the box when I bought the bike- but it is not creased or anything, and doesn’t detract from the looks, thanks to it’s location; and isn’t a problem. I’ve put about 3,000 miles on this bike with it. The paint still has it’s magical Klein shimmer and depth. Please allow up to a week for me to pack this bike for shipping. It is going to be largely disassembled for shipping, so be prepared to re-assemble it or have it assembled. It is going to be shipped in a heavy-duty brand new bike box. (I know how to pack and ship bikes very well- I sold a very expensive carbon fiber Venge a couple of years ago, and shipped it without incident. -And that shows you how much I loved this Klein, as I sold a one year-old Venge and kept this Klein! But unfortunately, I just haven’t had the time to devote to riding for the last couple of years- nor the ambition to get back into riding shape, as I am getting old and fartly! :D) Any questions, please feel free to contact me. I will be able to also take pictures of anything else you’d like to see in more detail.


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