Italy 1987 Daccordi 50th Anniversary Columbus SLX 60cm Road Racing Bike


Italy 1987 Daccordi 50th Anniversary Columbus SLX 60cm Road Racing Bike Greetings vintage road bike riders and collectos.I am making a very special Italian racking bike to be had to ebay bidders.Its a 50th anniversary Daccardi SLX custom upgraded with Dura Ace components NOTE0: I keep changing my mind about departing with this special bike mostly because I love riding it and feel like its a part of me now. I raised the price from 3K to 4K on 10/7/17 since I dont want it to sell. I do like showing it off which this posting achieves 🙂 Im making this bike to be had since I do not need to risk damaging the mint condition or this historic frame.The rides I have done were wonderful, never experienced a better ride !I think it deserves an owner who can truly appreciate its abilities and show it off in a nice place like CA, FL or Italy. NOTE1: Buyer has choice of set of wheels to be included with bike shipment. Local pickup, I would provide both wheel sets as a bonus for saving shipping effort. NOTE2: If you’re seriously interested in this classic make your best offer that you’re feeling is fair. I would truly like to see it go to the right new owner. This bike is setup for both racing and training with Dura Ace components and wheels and a additional training set of Ultegra wheels for training.Also included in this sale is several sets of vicoria competition kevlar tires for replacements on the mavic GP4 wheel set with the dura ace racing tubular wheels.The tubular racing duraace wheels have victoria competition kevlar tires.The dura ace racing wheels are build with a dura ace hyperglide 11 to 26 cassette Included in this auction:- Daccordi bike currently setup with Ultegra clincher training wheels- Set of tubular Victoria Mavic Dura Ace racing wheels- 3 new spare Victoria tubular tires with two rolls of rim tape- note that frame pump show in one of pictures is no longer to be had thus not included- cateye cycle computer is included- dura ace pedals are also included as shown The Dacorrdi company began in 1937 with Giuseppe Daccordi and a partner. The start of World War II required suspending their business but they were able to re-start after the war ended. All through the 1960s son Luigi joined his father in the business. In the ’80’s at least one top echelon Euro Pro team were on Daccordis. The original model was once built up with NOS Campy Super Record and then up to date with Dura Ace for a more modern riding experience. The finish work is simply better than most Italian frames of the same era, and easily the match of the best from De Rosa or Colnago. Bottom line, that Daccordi is as good as anything available in the market from that era and probably better than most. See my other listed classic 1980s racing bike with Columbus SL frames including:Masi, Bianchi, Dacorddi, Guerciotti


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