Independent Fabrication Crown Jewel 56cm top tube Force1 15.3lb steel beauty


Dream bike, each and every part hand picked by me. Aim Was once to create a functionally beautiful, lightweight machine that rides like a cloud. Was once built up with Force22, I have fallen in love with 1x so converted to Force1. Gear range is comparable to so much 50/34 + 11-26 setups. Top gear, 34.2MPH @ 100RPM vs. 35.7MPH on a 50-11. But on lowest gear, gear inches 31.7 vs. 34.5 on 34-26. So you get significantly better gear range than on same old double, plus lightweight and shifts a lot more intuitively. Aesthetics are a bonus as the 1x looks way cleaner. New parts are noted. Saddle not included Build Sheet Highlights Independent Fabrication Crown Jewel with ENVE fork painted to check Headset: Chris King black Force 1: Left lever brake only (new), rear derailleur (new), 48T chainring (new) Cassette: XT 8000 11-40 (new) Chain: KMC X11 SL gold with Ti-Nitride coating for smooth shifting (new) Cables/Housing: Yokozuna Reaction, compressionless brake housing, absolute best within the business (new) Crankset: Promax SQ1 (new; can swap out with Rival1 if preferred). Wheelset: custom handbuilt carbon tubular with Vittoria Corsa EVO 25mm (entire wheelset is new). Controls/cockpit: complete matching set of 3T Stealth carbon black bar/stem/post.


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