HP Velotechnik GTE Street machine Rohloff Son Dynamo Carbon Full Suspension


This has almost EVERY single option you’ll get ! Except a MOTOR ! , no Pinion 1.12 or 1.18 front drive or E-bike rear wheel, that sort of bike would set you back probably 15K, this one was like 10k back when it was new. I priced it out on one website just now selling them custom and it came to like $6000 without all the pannier racks, and Generator, capacitor balanced front and rear lights that must be used with the Dynamo generator hub. So, current cost to build a new one like it kind of feels to maybe be in the 7.5K- 8.5K range. One size fits riders from 5’ 4″ to 6′ 7″. Her name is Jenny. She lives indoors in a climate controlled room. The bike ( Jenny ) has been ridden across all of Asia. The only part that failed was the headset bearing & it had to come from Germany. Several thousand miles of Asia and that was all. Other than that, shes only used up many tires & a few standard brake pads. The Rohloff wheel was sent to CycleMonkey last year and he did a full service on it, not out of necessity, more out of routine service, professionally. Cleaning, a new clutch spring & new revised seals. Like $150 or so for the full hub service, seals, wheel check & shipping from Cycle Monkey. Having owned several Rohloff over many years, I will be able to tell you that this one with one of the vital highest miles is by far the smoothest I have ever ridden. The older rohloff get, the better they are. Nearly zero drag after its well broken in. Many articles about the Rohloff state that the hubs take 10,000 miles to break in. Well, they still get smoother even after 10K, 20k, and beyond. The astounding like one in a few hundred thousand fail rate is very true. These spokes have not been touched in years / many miles. Symmetrical perfect DT Spoke tension is great. Wheels are free of any issues. Current Schwalbe touring tires have tread left. Bike will be sold without pedals. I’m really not sure if i know where the head cushion and head cushion mount is, I took it off, I felt more comfortable with my head more free. The bike is extremely fully optioned. All options are included. Its silly to strip this wonderful machine for parts. If it doesnt sell, I shall keep riding it sometimes. All the pannier racks you’ll put on one of these. ( was like $450 ) Rohloff Rear disk Hub, ( $1800 Hub alone ) Schmidt’s Original Nabendynamo SON Dyno DISK front hub ($350 front disk dynamo ) with German Dynamo capacitor balanced front and rear lights, ( $300 in lights ) Rohloff chain Tensioner, Pitlock 3PC Security Wheel Skewer Set Set , ( $120 ) DT Swiss carbon disk front fork ( $1000 ) , DT Swiss carbon rear shock. Carbon Recumbent seat. SON Tail light and headlight with the switch on the headlight. Spare set of brake pads would be included. I think I even have a few spare spokes as well. Crank gear bash guard is hand made, hand cut out of piece of aluminum. Bike would be taken about half apart and shipped professionally. Use an inch lb torque wrench on assembly. Id be rather upset and emotional seeing it leave. Tears and any short dog / horse hair are included free. Beloved Horse is not included at any price. NON smoking household. You could also save on lots of shipping showing up in San Antonio and riding it home, This bikes not going to stop rolling anytime soon. Id give the bike a total maintenance check before you started riding it off. If you live someplace nice in this Northern Continent, and sent a small deposit, I could also ride it to you. bags mounts are included. Almost any fit. it holds alot of them. 7? 8? 9? bag capacity. CENTER Lower hand made soft bag IS included. Its a great easy access place to put tools / tubes / self defense item. SON Generator front hub operates great and since its on a smaller front wheel it is going to make the light work at very low speeds. As opposed to having the SON on a larger 26, 28, 700c wheel you would need to be going faster to generate the same power as within the small wheel. Theres no issues with the bike other than the cosmetic paint chips here and there, and the carbon seat cover has a few side tears. This bike is not a show bike / garage queen, as much as it does attract alot of attention at bike meets. It all the time just draws looks, globally. Its a bike thats seen some miles. The bike has been on the local news in China, India and Texas. In Texas the news link may be found by searching on google, KSAT Jeff Cruises the streets with SATX social ride. Time 1:27. Many Chinese people clustered around it anytime it stopped, when it was ridden across asia. Far smaller crowds form in Texas. It has all the time seemed alot safer to ride on the road vs a traditional bike because motorists are slowing down doing a double take like “what the hell is that thing?!” . Without even a flag. I should get a flag, but jeez WHICH one ??!? This model was awarded European Touring bike of the year a few years back. its cooler than the Scorpion FS if you ask me. This bike makes Surly long haul truckers look like a pathetic Huffy. I am very on the fence about keeping it. It handles purely amazing, like some sort of pavement / trail bobsled. It makes my neglected abdominal muscles sore riding it, not like a traditional bike workout. If I keep it I would add a mesh seat and upgrade the light to the one with USB Charging. Getting a mesh seat requires the wider handlebars, ONLY the carbon seat is included, I feel the carbon seat is a little small for me at 6-2″ 250. The beam goes out way further and goes in over like half a foot. One size fits riders from 5’ 4″ to 6′ 9″ Adjust beam and chain length and go. The listing price is about the cost of originally building the wheel set. With a bit of discussion, $250, I will be able to take the entire frame down to bare metal via sandblasting it, and powder coat it any color from prismatic powders website. I used to be probably going to do that eventually but in some ways i feel attached to the road scars & they are telling of the good condition of the metal.


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