Gorgeous Redline MX-2 II Restored BMX OLD SCHOOL show bike Great investment!


Redline MX-2 II Restored BMX show bike ready for display – Great investment! Perfect for your club room, office or game room! How much is a piece of your childhood worth? I am sure you’ll get a hold of reasons why you shouldn’t buy this. Here is a little argument to why you should buy this. We all have retirement accounts. We have money socked away and money invested in stuff. Years ago I invested in a number of watches and at the time I thought it was relatively a diversion from maybe what I should be putting money into. Let’s say it was $30k. Well, in the past 10 years, my watches have doubled in value. Looking back, I wish I would have invested double or triple into watches. It would have been a bigger home run for me. In that same ten year period, the stock market has gone up and down and chances are your retirement portfolio is probably flat now, looking back. So, believe this a very small, fun investment that could double in 10 years. All the even as, you’ll enjoy it each and on a daily basis…like wearing a watch. The bike is a great conversation piece and a nice addition to any game room or family room…or vacation home. It is no different than having expensive football or baseball memorabilia, except for for this has a very personal aspect to it, for many of us “40 somethings” were riding these 30+ years ago. So, looking at this as an investment in this light, it is a practical, methodical, well-thought-out investment. Many of us will go out and buy a new vehicle…say $50k and it is worth half that in 3 years…and many do not think much of this. Why not make a protected & fun investment in a piece of your childhood? Now, on to the bike… Restored to near flawless condition, will pass anyone’s keen eye test. Every detail on this bike is exquisite. Several years of finding the perfect parts and color combos. Whoever wins this bike is getting a true work of art. Bike will be shipped very carefully. All contents will be fully safe, satisfaction guaranteed. Agree with me, photos do not even come close to seeing in person. F & F: Late 70’s – Early 80’s Redline MX-II/Tange Pads: Nylon lite pads Bars: Race Inc./Redline V Bars Grips: AME grips Stem: Pro Neck anodized Headset: Dynomax headset Wheels: Tuff Wheel Twos Cranks: Super Maxy crankset Chain – Red KMC Chain Chain Tensioners: RL chain tensioner Pedals: Bite shark anodized pedals with red cages Seat: SE racing Seat post: Fluted Seatpost Tires: Tioga Comp III (NOS) Seat clamp: Dia Compe seat post clamp Brakes: Dia Compe MX1000 w/ Skyway tuff pads (proper white for white tuff wheels!) (NOS) – (pads still in box) Hand Brakes: Dia Compe Shipping $150.00 plus packing materials. Buy with confidence. Please have your finances lined up. The last buyer could not produce the $$$. If you buy and do not complete purchase, there will be negative feedback. I am sorry, but the last person wiped out over 100 people watching my auction! Bidding or buy now purchases accept and acknowledge this. Thank you. MAY ALSO TR /- DE FOR ROLEX OR BREITLING WATCH – UP OR DOWN. CONTACT ME AND WE CAN DISCUSS. Keywords similar to my listing – mongoose, hutch, haro, skyway, GT, dyno, old school bmx, vintage bmx, flatland, freestyle


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