Foundry Chilkoot Road Bike XL,Enve, Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon, Sram Red eTap, A+


Foundry Chilkoot Road Bike XL,Enve, Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon, Sram Red eTap, Zipp, Great Shape Low miles. Foundry Titanium Chilkoot Road Bike XL, Weight without Pedals on my non digital scale is less than 17 lbs. ********Ship to continental US Only meaning the 48. If you wish to see how much it is to ship to Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico etc it is going to cost 2 day air with a purpose to run about $450 that you are going to be responsible for paying. No PO boxes sorry Fed Ex doesn’t accept those as an adress.****** ChilkootA Modern Classic When we made up our minds to add a traditional road bike back into our lineup, we knew we wanted something special—the Chilkoot is just that. Constructed the usage of our proprietary 3Al/2.5V titanium, double-butted tubing, the Chilkoot is a unique road racer with the intention to last season after season. We designed the Chilkoot to be the perfect choice for long weekend rides, weeknight training crits, or your favorite road race. Starting with a modern performance geometry, we gave it a couple of twists for increased versatility along the way. The Chilkoot is fully Di2 compatible thanks to hidden ports on the frame and a sleek, removable cable stop on the downtube. Use the guide if you’re running mechanical or simply remove it for a clean looking electronic setup. To provide a stiff yet compliant ride quality, we paired the Chilkoot’s hand built, titanium frame with a 1 1/4” tapered ENVE road fork. In any case, we gave the Chilkoot tire clearance up to 28c tire clearance so you’ll feel confident wherever your ride takes you. Titanium Frame with threaded BB Enve 2.0 carbon fork Sram etap group, cass 11-28 Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon wheelset Zipp Stem and Seatpost Giant Contact aluminum Continental Gatorskin 28mm ISM Adamo Road Saddle Salsa tan cork bar tapeSize (cm)” abp=”243″>XXS” abp=”244″>XS” abp=”245″>S” abp=”246″>M” abp=”247″>L” abp=”248″>XLAEffective Top Tube” abp=”254″>515″ abp=”255″>530″ abp=”256″>545″ abp=”257″>560″ abp=”258″>575″ abp=”259″>590BChainstay” abp=”265″>407″ abp=”266″>409″ abp=”267″>411″ abp=”268″>411″ abp=”269″>413″ abp=”270″>413CBB Drop” abp=”276″>72″ abp=”277″>72″ abp=”278″>70″ abp=”279″>70″ abp=”280″>68″ abp=”281″>68DHeadtube” abp=”287″>110″ abp=”288″>120″ abp=”289″>140″ abp=”290″>160″ abp=”291″>180″ abp=”292″>190EHeadtube Angle” abp=”298″>71.5″ abp=”299″>72.5″ abp=”300″>73″ abp=”301″>73″ abp=”302″>73.5″ abp=”303″>73.5FSeat Tube” abp=”309″>460″ abp=”310″>480″ abp=”311″>500″ abp=”312″>520″ abp=”313″>545″ abp=”314″>570GSeat Tube Angle” abp=”320″>75.5″ abp=”321″>74.5″ abp=”322″>74″ abp=”323″>73.5″ abp=”324″>73″ abp=”325″>72.5HFork Offset” abp=”331″>43″ abp=”332″>43″ abp=”333″>43″ abp=”334″>43″ abp=”335″>43″ abp=”336″>43ITrail” abp=”342″>66.47″ abp=”343″>60.74″ abp=”344″>57.87″ abp=”345″>57.87″ abp=”346″>54.99″ abp=”347″>54.99JReach” abp=”353″>383.3″ abp=”354″>385.22″ abp=”355″>389.92″ abp=”356″>394.14″ abp=”357″>398.04″ abp=”358″>404.48KStack” abp=”364″>509.26″ abp=”365″>522.07″ abp=”366″>540.81″ abp=”367″>559.94″ abp=”368″>578.8″ abp=”369″>588.39LWheelbase” abp=”375″>975.53″ abp=”376″>974.82″ abp=”377″>983.83″ abp=”378″>993.89″ abp=”379″>1001.56″ abp=”380″>1010.84MStandover” abp=”386″>715.96″ abp=”387″>733.06″ abp=”388″>754.09″ abp=”389″>773.21″ abp=”390″>797.37″ abp=”391″>815.82NAxle to Crown” abp=”397″>367″ abp=”398″>367″ abp=”399″>367″ abp=”400″>367″ abp=”401″>367″ abp=”402″>367


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