Faw+ Velomobile Recumbent Trike


I can also accept trade in for very fast recumbent trike in an effort to fit me perfect . Faw+ Velomobile may be very hard to find both used or new. New one will run 7000 fully assembled however the maker is now in very advanced age that makes availability doubtful. The unique quality it has that other Velo lacks is durability and no more liable to cracks hence more peace of mind when riding. Faw+ Velomobile with schulmp mountain drive upgrade. I m 5’5 and the use of crank shortner plus putting seat way forward which isn’t ideal positioning of the seat. Hence my guess is that person of 5’9 and above till 6 ‘2 will fit this velomobile perfectly. It has full Lighting system with head light, rear light, brake light and turn signal. It has Dutch made canopy with half-cone shaped at the back of head for aerodynamic . Just installed modern 1.35 marathon plus.


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