DEMO 2015 Intense Tracer Alloy Mountain Bike w/ Expert parts kit. 27.5″ wheel


Ridden maybe 100 miles since new. This buy it now auction is for a DEMO 2015 Large Intense Tracer Alloy 27.5″ wheel mountain bike with the Expert Parts kit. That’s FULL shimano XT, top of the line Fox suspension, Rockshox Reverb dropper post, and in reality nice wheels. It is the bike pictured first in this ad. There are other pictures in our ebay ads to show you our shop. Call me first and I can give an explanation for all of our options for your price range. five three zero 362 zero zero two zero. MSRP is $5650 and this is their latest edition frame with no frame changes advertised for 2016. We are selling the bike for $3200. Call me to purchase with a cc and I can ship for free. Call us for more details as this bike is in our shop for sale on the floor. This top shelf USA built frame retails for our asking price of this entire bike. It may have minor scratches, as it has been in our store for a year .It has not been sold or rented but has been test ridden around the parking lot many times, and locked up with a herd of bikes which can cause a little scratches here and there. I don’t consider this bike shows any marks at all, but call me and I’ll go over it with you on the phone. I looked it over today and it has definitely never been ridden at all even in the parking lot. The Intense frame is amazing. Actually a work of art, with superior pedal efficiency over any other bike we know. It’s been slowly improved over many years, and didn’t just get invented the day before today like many bikes you may be looking at. We find them to require practically no maintenance, and they are only 6lbs for a beefy 6″ commute Enduro category frame. Most carbon frames are that same 6lbs and cost twice as much. Think the carbon bike you are looking at is Actually lighter than a comparably priced aluminum bike? no way. You spent more on the frame and less on the parts. Why sacrifice braking and suspension upgrades and end up with the same net weight after all, just to say your bike is carbon? We love carbon, we are just saying don’t buy it until you also reach this Shimano XT or SRAM XO component quality ALSO. And don’t accept lower level suspension and brakes either, they are also heavier and void the frame weight savings you were hoping to get out of carbon. Want carbon? cool, we got it. Intense Tracer Carbon bikes are in stock and the frame weighs 1lb less. Call me! call me anytime on my cell phone as well at 530 three six two 0020. Or email me at mike at thebackcountry dot net. we sell Intense, Yeti, Kona, Scott, Pivot, Borealis, Transition and more. We can pack your bike properly to give protection to it and ship it with insurance.


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