Dahon MU N 360 Nuvinci full Warranty buy with confidence Authorized Dealer


The MU 360 comes with infinite gears. The nuvinci hub will shift on your command to a lower or higher gear without any steps or gears …. Its hard to describe but you all the time are IN GEAR and can shift anytime to go faster or easier to climb hills. This bike is a last years model and Dahon wants to make room in their warehouse, giving their dealers an awesome deal, and we at ThorUSA are passing this on. Buy with confidence … How time and again have you read this ? (Just to be dissapointed later on.) We are an authorized Internet Dealer for Dahon (and also an authorized Tern Dealer with only 2 others in the whole country !) You dont have to worry about warranty. We remember the fact that a bike purchase is a difficult decision, and finally I remember the fact that this is fairly a bit of money you are spending on a bike. Money doesnt grow on trees in my neighborhood and subsequently its important that you get the bike, the service and knowledge you well deserve. All big words, but lets back this up, and its simple … of course the Ebay ratings show that we are 100 % but more important I urge you to visit bikeforums.net than search for the subcategory folding bikes, peruse the very good forum there, and dont hesitate to post and ask straight out, if ThorUSA is a valid partner in folding bikes…. Now take a look at the bikes, have fun deciding, dont hesitate to ask questions either ! The very very BEST and no matter where you buy your folding bike have fun We wish very much to obtain the most efficient Ebay experience you so well deserve, of course we will be able to leave feedback and we strive to get everything hundred percent right SPECIFICATIONS COLORS indigo blueSPEEDSinfinite gears GEAR INCHES32 – 93DISTANCE: SEAT POST TO HANDLEBARMin: 615mm (24) Max: 650mm (25.4)DISTANCE: SADDLE TO PEDALMin: 695mm (27.1) Max: 960mm (37)FOLDED SIZE30 x 79 x 66 cm (11.7″ x 30.8″ x 25.7″)WEIGHT13.1 kg (28.8 lbs)FOLDING TIME15seconds (takes me 20 seconds, maybe 30 )SUGGESTED RIDER HEIGHT142 – 193 cm (4’8″ – 6’4″)MAX RIDER WEIGHT105 kg(230 lbs) FRAMEPA series, Dalloy aluminum, custom drawn Sonus tubing, Lattice forged hinge,patented Fusion and V-Clamp technologies FORKDahon SlipSteam, Dalloy aluminum, patented Fusion technology,double-butted tubing HANDLEPOSTRadius adjustable, patented Fusion™ technology, forged aluminumHANDLEBARDahon Comp,6061-T6 aluminum, Flat barHEADSETDahon Fusion, cartridge bearingsGRIPSVelo, lock-on function, reflective end plugs SADDLEDahon by WTB, AriaSEAT POSTDahon PostPump+, 34 × 580 mm, forged aluminum clampSEAT CLAMP QRCovertfront BRAKEDahon SpeedStop V-brakes, stainless link, anchor and pivot boltsrear BRAKEDahon SpeedStop V-brakes, stainless link, anchor and pivot boltsBRAKE LEVERSV brake Avid FR5BRAKE CABLE & HOUSINGDahon Live Wire 7.0 slick cables Dupont 1.3 lubricant, alloy ferrulesFRONT HUBDahon Neutron, cartridge bearings, Ultralight 58 gramREAR HUBNuVinci N360™ CVP Drivetrain, 32HSPOKES18/8 stainless steel, brass nipplesRIMSDahon Comp by WTB, doublewall, CNC machined sidewalls, wear line indicatorTIRESSchwalbe CitizenFREEWHEEL18 tCRANKSETFSA Supra, forged 6061 cranks, 6061 chainring, alloy CNC chainguardBOTTOM BRACKETcartridge sealedCHAINRustBlack KMCPEDALSfolding alloy bodyCLIP SYSTEMMagnetix systemChain GuardDahonFENDERNONE order seperatelyCARRIERNONE prder seperatelyKickstandDahon single


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