Custom Surly Big Fat Dummy with Rohloff hub – Size Medium Frame


Custom Surly Big Fat Dummy with Rohloff hub – Size Medium Frame I built this bike from a frameset in fall 2017. I rode this a bit locally to my home at Fort Bragg, CA. I started a bike tour in early January. Starting from Fort Bragg, I rode to Chula Vista, CA. There I changed the tires from street to the Surly Knards which are on the bike. I got on the Baja Divide Route at Chula Vista and rode the Divide route to San Jose del Cabo. Then I rode the short distance to Cabo San Lucas where I finished my tour. I had no problems with the bike on the 1,500 miles of Baja backcountry roads. There is nothing wrong with the bike. At Cabo San Lucas I disassembled, cleaned and packed up the bicycle for shipping. I then took it with me on a bus trip to Tijuana and then at Chula Vista, CA, I shipped it via Fed Ex Ground to my home at Fort Bragg. I have two very large albums with detailed pictures available for your viewing. The first album shows the progression of the original build. The second album show pictures taken during the recent disassembly, cleaning, and packing of the bike. With a little luck, you should be able to find them if you cerch for: charleschandler’s albums flickr They are the first two albums in the upper left corner. If you haven’t any luck, please contact me and I will be able to be happy to help you. I have decided to offer the bike for sale as a basic bike package as some buyers might not want the panniers and custom racks and Pitlock security locks. So what is offered for sale here is the basic bike package. At the end of this description, I describe the Rack, Pannier and Fender Package and the Pitlock Security Package which are available. separately at the bottom of this text. The buyer of the basic bike package will have first refusal rights to purchase these accessories. I will be able to not offer the two accessory packages for sale until the basic bike package is sold and I know the buyer does not want them. The basic bike package includes the bike with the three small frame bags, with the customized Rolling Jackass Centerstand, with the original rear deck plate (never used) and without Surly Dummy Bags. Also included is a very nice lightweight camo motorcycle cover which fits perfectly, even with all 6 panniers installed. The bike is disassembled and packed for shipment. Assembly is the buyer’s responsibility. If you wish to pick up the bike at Fort Bragg, CA, I am willing to assemble it for you. I will be able to just need a reasonable amount of time. It will take about 3 days of spare time for me to complete the assembly. Please note, the following items are not included in the basic bicycle package: The phone handlebar mount assembly. The Salsa Anything HD Cages (If you wish to have some let me know, I have two to sell at a very reasonable price.) Please note: The chain idlers shown in these pictures have been replaced with a standard derailleur and the return chain now passes below the center stand from the derailleur to the chainwheel.Please note: The saddle and seat post will be brand new in box, never used. SPECIFICATIONS FRAMESET Frame Surly 4130 CroMoly Steel, Main triangle double butted. TIG-welded cargo-specific engineered for stiffness and durability. ForkSurly Wednesday, Tapered straight blade 4130 CroMoly. 468mm axle to crown, 47mm offset. 51mm I.S. front disk mount, 150mm x 15mm thru-axle dropouts (axle included), 100mm suspension fork compatible. Seatpost Clamp33.1mm (Surly Stainless included) DRIVETRAIN Crankset Raceface Aeffect 1X 36T Bottom Bracket Raceface ChainKMC X10.93 (Includes 2 links) Chain Tensioner SRAM GX Type 2.1 10 Speed Long Cage Derailleur with position adjustment COCKPIT Saddle Brand New never used Brooks B17 Standard, Honey, Black Rails (I’ll keep the used one) Seatpost Brand new, never used Thomson Elite 30.9mm, 410mm long, Straight, Black (I’ll keep the used one) Headset Cane Creek 40 Series StemThomson X4 Black Handlebar Jones H-Bar Loop Aluminum 710 Black (trimmed to about 660mm) Grips Ergon GC1 BioKork Bar TapeESI RCT Wrap Black BarTape Bags Revelate Gas Tank and Gerrycan (both black) BRAKES BrakesAvid BB7 Brake Levers Avid FR-5 Black Front Rotor Avid Clean Sweep 200mm Rear Rotor Rohloff 180mm Shifter Rohloff Twist Shifter Light WHEELS Front Hub Salsa Fat Conversion Hub 150×15 32h Black Rear Hub Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 32h Disk Brake Black Bicycle transmission hub RimsWhisky Parts Co No. 9 100w carbon fiber composite Spokes Sapim Black Race Spoke Nipples Sapim Brass Black TiresSurly Knard 26 x 4.8 – Tubeless Installation Sealant Orange Seal Endurance 8 oz. per tire ACCESSORIES Pedals Specialized Dirt Pedals MORE INFORMATION Before packing up the bike I changed the oil on the Rohloff Hub. This is the third bicycle I have owned with a Rohloff hub. You’ll be able to be sure I knew how to operate it from the first pedal stroke. I treated this hub as if it would be mine for life. Well before I started this tour I discovered paraffin for chain lubrication. I had done many past tours with a black, dirty chain using conventional lubes. Soon after discovering paraffin, I discovered Runaway Bike Hot Tub Paraffin Chain Lubricant which is even better than plain paraffin. It has PTFE and Molybdenum Disulfide additives. Paraffin has the lowest friction of all chain lubricants. Once I started using paraffin I never applied any other lubricants. The chain remained very clean at the same time as riding over pavement and through the Baja desert. The chain rejected all dirt. I never cleaned the chain at the same time as on the journey. I simply immersed the clean chain in the melted Hot Tub lubricant for 7 minutes —about every 300 miles. I used my alcohol stove to heat the Hot Tub Lube in an MSR Titan titanium kettle. I would have used a smaller kettle but the BFD has a long chain. The chain that comes with the bike has two master links. One of them is a gold colored Wippermann Connex link. It is very easy to couple and uncouple with hands only. I had no need to take chain pliers with me on my journey. You’ll be able to find the instructions for the Connex link at the Wippermann Connex website. I hot waxed the chain at the time of the disassembly, so it is lubed and ready for service. It will feel stiff when you install it. That is normal. Just install it. It will loosen up with a short ride. Regarding the customized Rolling Jackass Center stand. I feel this is the most important and valuable accessory for the BFD and it is well worth the extra weight. I had a Rolling Jackass Stand on my Big Dummy previously. It is so convenient to have a super rigid stand that works on most reasonably level services. It is good practice to not use the stand with the bike aimed downhill — The bike may move forward, the stand will lift, and fall the bike will fall over. On soft ground, I would slide a flat rock under each foot to make it stable. If the stand has a good base, it can withstand quite a bit of horizontal pushing force without falling over. I also used handlebar cords which hold the front fork centered when the bike is parked. The front fork is continuously wanting to flop when it is parked. When the fork flops around the stand is much less secure. I will be able to include the anti-flop cord with the bike. Run the seat post through the cord center loop when installing the seat post. The cord stows nicely in the bag located in front of the seat post. The two outer loops of the cord engage with the handlebar grips. It works great. I decided to customize my center stand. I built a custom new main channel which uses HDPE saddle tube clamps instead of the original design which uses U-bolts. I don’t like U-bolts bearing down on my bike frame tubes. I used the same kind of tube clamps for mounting my panniers. As it happened, the center stand that I acquired had the spring on the opposite side of normal. The spring and spring lever are on the left side of my stand. This is nothing to worry about. You just need to be aware of it if you ever have to replace the U tube for your stand. Rolling Jackass will happily make you a “lefty “for the same price as a “righty.” I did not install the brake lever mechanism that is sold with the stand. I believing in keeping things simple. To put the bike on the stand, I stand to the left of the bike, I swing the stand down with my right foot behind it and above the stand foot. Then I lift and pull the bike backward to put it up on the stand. To get it down, I just stand to the left of the bike and push the bike forward. Another customization I have added to the center stand is an aluminum hook and a Pitlock screw which locks the stand in the legs down position. Please read about this below in the section about the Pitlock security option at the far bottom of this text. Finally, If you make a decision you wish to have to buy the BFD but don’t want the center stand, I will be able to remove it and make a price reduction for you. Regarding the chain tensioner. I have experimented with several chain tensioner systems on my Big Dummy and on the Big Fat Dummy. I decided the 10 speed derailleur with a custom position adjustment was the best way to go. I used this on my 2,300 mile journey and never tweaked it or had to adjust it. If the derailleur were ever damaged it could be replaced in a third world country. That can’t be said about the custom designs I tried. I’m including this derailleur with the bike. It has a lock button. This feature makes it very easy to remove and install the chain.The inside of the all frame tubes and fork has been rustproofed with Frame Saver. Regarding shipping, the price includes ground shipment of the two boxes to inside continental United States. This means not Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. If you live outside the lower 48, I will be able to quote you a price for additional shipping charge. OPTIONAL PACKAGES These items are not included but are available for purchase separately. Rack, Pannier, and Fender Package: $600. USD (if shipped with bicycle) Qty 6, Ortlieb Back Roller High Visibility Series, Yellow Black customized pannier bags. Custom rear pannier supports, Custom lightweight rectangular rear rack plate, Custom foam saddle for rear rack plate, All pannier bags mount rigidly to racks and bicycle frame using HDPE tube clamps and stainless steel screws, washers and nylon locking nuts, Old Man Mountain front rack, Custom fittings for front rack fastening, Small custom, frame mounted dirt deflector for front diagonal tube, Rear fender and all mounting hardware. Note: The original rear rack deck plate can be used instead of the custom deck plate. It will be necessary to drill 8 holes thru it using the custom rear deck plate as a drilling template. The eight holes are for 6 rear pannier brackets and fender center clamp. The rear rack 1’ square tube extension bars and crossbars can be included with this package. Please let me know if you wish to have them. These extensions make the rack about 30” long. I also have a foam saddle extension that sits on top of the extension crossbars. Please note: The diagonal front dirt deflector has been refined to use zip ties for fastening instead of bolts and aluminum plates. I decided to mount my panniers rigidly to rack tubes and bike frame using PTFE saddles and stainless steel hardware. With the standard Ortlieb hook mounting system, the bags vibrate substantially. They make a racket and the hooks rub the paint off the frame quickly. Additionally, theft of the bags is simple and fast for a thief. A 1/16” cable can be added, but it will hardly slow down a thief. A thief unloading items from the panniers is less likely. Pitlock Security Package $175 USD (if shipped with bicycle) Two Pitlock Keys, One key mounted in a custom made handle, One Pitlock screw and a custom aluminum hook locks the center stand down preventing a thief from riding the bike away. With the bike loaded, the thieves would need two strong people to carry the bike away. This bolt takes about a minute to install with my custom tool. If the wind is gusting from different directions or a cow brushes against the bike, or a playful kid tugs on the bike, this bolt will prevent the bike from rolling forward and falling over. This was my primary security device on my trip. Additional Pitlocks: Pitlock bolt for front wheel protection, Pitlock skewer for the rear wheel, Pitlock screw to offer protection to headset, Customized Pitlock seat post clamp and custom plate to prevent saddle removal from seat post, Pitlock seat post clamp assembly to prevent seat post removal from the frame. All Pitlocks come with dust caps. The replacement cost of the rear wheel of this bike is about $3,000. The Pitlocked skewer makes that quite a bit less likely.


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