Classic Klein Quantum Tri Bike Dura-Ace Components 59cm


Early 90’s vintage Klein Quantum triathlon road bike. It has a 59 cm aluminum frame. The standover height measures 33.25 inch, measured from the top of the top tube to the ground. It has Dura-Ace components, Gipiemme wheels and hubs, and a 9-speed rear cassette with shifters mounted on the aerobars. It has new tires & tubes, new stainless steel cables, and new cable housings. The bike frame is in absolutely beautiful condition. The frame decals indicate a 1993 frame, but the color(Bright Silver) is from ’92. There’s a slight scratch here and there, but the paint job is very pretty. It is without doubt one of the main things Klein bikes are remembered for. And they were designed and hand-made in the us. The bike rides nice and responsive, and is very light. I have left the handlebars bare with the intention to customize it with whatever color you need, and with the intention to adjust the bars to fit before you wrap them. The bike is set-up and able to ride. The bike has Shimano Dura-Ace components during. The rear derailleur is an RD-7700. The front is an FD-7403. The crankset is an FC-7402 175mm. Brakes are BR-7403 SLR-S. And the headset is an HP-7400. The bike has a Profile Design, Stoker 26 TT handlebar, that may be 45cm wide at the brake levers. And Profile Design’s Caron Stryke low profile ergonomic aerobars with Dura-Ace 7700 9-spd shifters at the ends. The wheelset is Italian-made Gipiemme Grecal Parade rims with 16 aero-bladed spokes, and Gipiemme AG hubs that have cartridge bearings with cones locked down with allen keys. Tires are Continental Ultra Sport 700 x 23mm.The fork is a SR Sakae aluminum fork. Pedals are Performance brand combo pedal, SPD on one side and flat on the other. The bike used to be disassembled. The drivetrain, fork, and every component used to be removed, inspected, deep cleaned, and then adjusted. The fork used to be removed and the headset bearings were cleaned, regreased, and adjusted. The crankset used to be disassembled and the bottom bracket used to be overhauled. The bottom bracket is a set of pressed-in sealed cartridge bearings. Both of those were opened up and cleaned, regreased, and resealed. The same used to be done for the wheelhubs, which have sealed bearings as well. The wheels were trued. The rims were cleaned and each individual spoke used to be cleaned. The frame used to be cleaned and polished. The bike will be partially disassembled and carefully packed for shipping. Bike is being sold as is. Please see pics and ask any questions before you purchase.


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