Cervelo P3C Size 61 Pursuit Fixed Gear Time Trial TT Bike


Please read the following carefully before purchasing. This is the bike I used to break the National USA 1-hour record in T-Town earlierin the decade in my Masters age group. (The distance has since been surpassed by others.) I also took third there in Pursuit at Track Nationals. As you’ll imagine this bike has a large number of sentimental value but I haven’t used it once in the last 6 years which coincides when I gave up racing. I never used this bike for training. I also have a P3 with a power meter with the exact same geometry as this P3C. I did all my indoor/outdoor training on the P3, not on this bike. I would like to sell this as a complete bike and would love to see someone else achieve their cycling goals and aspirations. If it doesn’t sell as a full bike, I will be able to break it down into separate components and sell it that way. It’s a very versatile fixed gear bike. At the time Cervelo did not have a size 61 P3C so I converted this from a road frame to a track frame, but still left the brake holes so I could do road time trials as a fixed gear bike. But I ground down both derailleur hangers (people going for national records can be pretty anal about aerodynamics. This is why I had the frame painted white afterwards). In the attached photos you’re going to see the resulting absence of where the derailleur hangers were. I don’t remember that if the bottom bracket is any wider or shorter than a track frame, but the Shimano bracket I was using will accept either track or road cranks of that type. I have 180 road cranks on this and a 3/8″ chain and 3/8″ cog and chain ring. I bought the frame/seat post without wheels or other components from a local bike shop. The frame was owned by one of the vital shop owners who did time trials. Since they were a Cervelo seller the owner would get a new Cervelo frame every year and he would sell the previous year’s model. So the frame was used by him for one year before I got it. The wheels and most of all the other components (minus bottom bracket and cranks) were new only used by me. The bottom bracket and cranks I took off another one of my bikes. So I separately bought the Zipp wheels, Tula bars, brakes, and Adamo seat. The Tula bars are nice as the brake levers are horizontal and I would remove them for Pursuit, but would put them back on for doing Fixed Gear Road Time Trials. The Zipp Disc and Zipp 1080 are clincher wheels. At the time clincher wheels could be set up with thin tires and and latex tubes that produced a slightly lower rolling resistance than any tubular tires could. Not sure what the case is now. The rear wheel has two spacing nuts so the rear wheel fits into a road frame using Zipp’s rear wheel fixed gear disc hub. (I also have still have the free wheel hub never used included in the sale.) The front wheel has special bolt-on nuts that work with skewer hubs. The rear cog is offset outwards by two Mavic casette spacers to reduce the angle of the chain. There is still a little bit of an angle, but hardlyperceptible. This bike was never crashed. Blemishes: 1. There is a small scratch on the top tube that was touched up with white paint. 2. There is a scratch on the chain side on the rear stay. It should be visible in one of the vital photos as I did not touch that up. 3. There is one small scratch and a group of small scratches on the front part of the grips of the Tula bars. I just took a black magic marker pen and covered those up. 4. Both crank arms have shoe rub and scratches on the outer end edges. 5. The Zipp decals on the rear wheel have small nicks here and there. The front wheel has none. 6. The top of the seat post doesn’t have clear coat on it. It’s not really visible when you have the seat on it. What comes with the Bike: 1. Tula bars with horizontal brake levers and owners manual. 2. 8cm Specialized handle bar stem with a slight upward angle. There is a +16 shim in it. There is a 1 cm spacer below the stem. I also have a greater angle Ritchey stem that may be a centimeter or two longer if that is needed. 3. Oval front fork. 4. Cervelo P3C road time trial frame with derailleurs taken off permanently. There is not any way to re-install new derailleur hangers that I know of. Can’t even imagine how that could be done. Frame is painted white. 5. 1080 front road Zipp clincher wheel with rounded skewer nuts. 6. Rear Zipp disc wheel. (I will be able to’t remember that the model number and it’s not printed anywhere on the wheel. They have two inch wide raised radius along the outer edge. Confidently you’ll tell from the pictures.) The disc wheel comes with a track and never used road hub. 7. Adamo seat. 8. Cervelo wide and USCF thinner legal seat posts. There is a band of white tape on the seat post that’s currently on the bike which I put on as an indicator in case the post loosened and shifted. 9. Shimano 180 road cranks and bottom bracket. (FYI Road cranks have a different configuration of holes for the chain rings than track bike cranks. 10. 3/8″ well used SRAM chain with removable link. 11. 54, 55, and 56 FSA aero chain rings. 12. 2 Mavic wheel bags. I’m including those to insure max protection for the wheels in shipping. 13. Front/rear Cane Creek brakes with cables and cable housing. What doesn’t come with the Bike: 1. Wheel tubes and tires. The ones on the bike are too old and I will be able to be taking those off to prevent imaginable injury. Please give me a full day after the purchase to pack up the bike as well as I will be able to to insureno damage during shipping. I would pack up the bike in advance but there may be someone wholives close enough to want to see the bike first. Thanks for looking! Good luck on whatever Pursuit bike you may buy.


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