Carbin Trek Madone Project One, Placid Blue (Discontinued) Custom Painted


I think this bike used to be purchased in 2010. It used to be a custom paint job, special order on the Trek Website. I paid $7300. new, had it for around 7 yrs now, rode it 5 times, and put around 120 miles on it. I’m a disabled vet, and I have serious neck problems so I am unable to ride up right bikes now. I have a rare velomobile I ride incessantly now known as a Go One Evo R 1 of 28 SRAM shifters and derailer 20 speed, Bontrager wheels/rims/care for bar. The Paint scheme used to be a 1 of a kind, and the colors Placid Blue Metalic (discontinued) Metalic Silver, and Jet White. The Bike has some damage on the lower left side of the bar, a chip from a fall coincidence down to the Carbin. I have tried for years to find any person who could paint match the Placid blue to get it restored but no person used to be in a position to lend a hand me. The chip can easily be repaired with some steady hands, and knowledge of painting. There could also be 1 scratch near the chip. There could also be a scratch on the left care for tape, and the rubber guard on the care for bar is tore about 1/4 inch, and the seat has a scrape on the left side as well. The tires are still the original tires, I never rode it enough to wear the tread at all. I spent all that money for nothing. I’d like to atleast get something for it so I’m posting it here. Happy shopping and GL.


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