Canyon Aeroad CF SLX 9.0 2018 Large Black


2018 Canyon Aeroad CF SLC 9.0 size Large (LINK TO SPECS ON CANYON’S WEBSITE HERE)I bought this bike the end of last year, new, from Canyon USA. I haven’t modified the bike apart from adding the Canyon bottle cages and the Canyon forward computer mount. I tried to capture all the cosmetic imperfections on this bike: the right shifter is quite scuffed from what looks like leaning it against a brick wall; the right crank has very light scratches on the spider; the downtube has two small light scratches that appear white against the matte black paint; and the seatpost is missing some paint thanks to a bike shop who did a comprehensive fit but didn’t tighten the post appropriately so it slipped down the next time I rode. The tires are unridden since I put some other tires on it whilst I got used to the bike. They are tubeless-ready but have not been set up with sealent yet. The braking surfaces and the mavic yellow carbon pads are in very good shape. The bike used to be, of course, not crashed. The steerer is still un-cut. Get a brand-new one for $5799 + shipping from California or come grab this one for a big chunk less. It’s a great bike that appears to be universally loved and is actually fast. Apologies for the photographic error of not having it in the 52×11 for the whole-bike shot. Bike is for sale locally in Massachusetts, so please have in mind if this listing suddenly disappears.


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