Bianchi Dura Ace Equipped Superleggera 928 HC Reporto Corse 57×57 Black 10sp NEW


Bianchi Dura Ace Equipped Superleggera 928 HoC Reporto Corse 57×57 Black 10p NEW Limited edition SL frameset > frame value alone over $3000 < 1949, 1952, 1998. These are the years in which Bianchi won both the Giro and the Tour. The last digits, together, compose the name of a range of unique bicycles: 928 (Nove Due Otto in Italian). The characteristics: superlight, stiff and reactive. The 928 SL Frameset - MSRP $3199 Shimano Dura Ace 7900 Brake/shift levers . Front & Rear Derailleur FSA Carbon Professional Cranks Cinelli Neo Bar & Stem Thomson Elite Seat Post FiZik Pave Saddle & Elite water bottle cage Michelin Pro 4 Tires LTD ED : American Classic 420 Wheels 18 x 24 BLADED (USA MADE custom) Customer chooses any color HB tape on purchase About : Reparto CorseOne hundred and twenty-one years of building road bicycles. No company has more experience at it; no company has scored more World Championships and International race victories. What does that mean to you? It means chances are high that pretty good we're doing it right. These models are from Bianchi's legendary Reparto Corse, where the bikes of a long line of champions, from Tommasselli in 1899 to Julien Absalon, Vera Carrara and Danilo Di Luca in 2005, were built. Frames of carbon fiber; titanium; the lightest, stiffest aluminum alloys - ceaselessly reinforced with a patented structural foam injection process - are fitted with the perfect components to be had, and offered in a very wide range of frame sizes to assure perfect fit.You'd expect a probably the greatest bike to care for the smallest details, but the 928 Carbon SL pushes the idea that to unprecedented territory. Its superlight carbon monocoque frame applies nanotechnology to tune the carbon material at micro dimensions, delivering a ride that transcends performance boundaries. You can experience race-in a position solidity like never before and luxuriate in the 928 Carbon SL's instant responsiveness and vibration absorption--all at a frame weight of 900 grams. The high-speed connection extends to the carbon fork and integrated headset and to the components. The 928 Carbon SL is a masterpiece of technological innovation that could only come from the Bianchi Reparto Corse. Our bicycles here on eBay are brand new and have never been ridden .Then again many may have been on display in our showroom or photographedfor insertion in trade magazines. With that very minor marks or dirt may exsist,older classic models may have had some sun/air exposure as would be expected


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