Bertoni Corsa Mondiale Burgundy Racing Bike Bicycle (1986) (Shimano; IronMan)


I buy storage units that have gone into default. Most of the items I sell here on eBay are things that I have found in those units. The bike will be completely disassembled for shipping purposes so reassembly will be required. INCLUDES: (1) Vintage Bertoni Corsa Mondiale Burgundy Racing Bike Bicycle (1986) (Shimano; IronMan) I don’t know anything about bikes so I’m just going to list everything I see on the bike. This is an expensive item so please don’t assume anything that’s not specifically stated in the listing details and just ask if you have any questions. Center to top 21″ Center to center 22-1/2″ Top tube 21″ Tire diameter 27″ Seat: V-Groove; hollow Cr-Mo Seat post: 27.2; Campagnolo Brakes: Shimano Arm rests: IronMan Carbon Stryke F19 Handle Bars: Road Racing, ITM Anatomical 46; Made In Italy Brake Handles: Shimano RSX Pedals: Shimano PD-R600 Tires: Michelin Pro Race; Mavic MA 40; Made in France Forks: Forcella Matrix Neck: H2O Rear Brakes: Shimano 600SIS Gears: Shimano Deore XT Frame: Columbus; D.6 (February 1986?); 13605 I took the measurements so they may be a little off. This bike was disassembles and and moved cross country. It was packed with other bikes and they rubbed together in certain spots and resulted in paint/surface being rubbed/chipped off on certain spots. The tires are flat and I don’t have an adapter that fits this tire so I don’t know if the tires have leaks. Also, a brake cable by the handlebars was kinked and may need replacing. A spoke on the rear tire got bent as well (I took it off). I had taken off the IronMan Triathlon armrests to move it and lost a bolt. I don’t think I put the armrests back on the right way (wrong angle) but that won’t matter because they’ll be removed again for shipping. The plastic end cap on one side of the handle bars is missing. There isn’t any tread on the tires but I think that’s the way they were designed. The stem on the tires are not the typical ones (in reality small) and I will be able to’t find the proper adapter to fill the tires. One of them is low and I don’t know if it has a slow leak. Some labels have either been rubbed off or deteriorated from age. It has a water bottle holder but not water bottle. I discovered the age of the bike from info I found on the Internet. I don’t know if I measured the bike as it should be so if you wish to know something specific just let me know. I just found a website that explained how to measure it and followed the instructions. For shipping purposes the bike will arrive disassembled. If imperfection(s) exist, I tried to show examples in the photos. On account of the limitations on photos I couldn’t include all the photos I wanted but just email me if you have specific questions. Please don’t assume anything that’s not stated here in the listing. The bike has several imperfections and probably needs to be fine tuned after I it apart and put it back together. Please see photos for product specifics. If there is a discrepancy between the information in the text description and information in the photos please email me and I will be able to either make corrections or try and clarify. This sale includes only what is shown in the pictures. Let me know if you have any questions. PAYMENT: Please submit payment within 4 days of auction ending. As a result of the unusually high volume of nonpaying bidders, I reserve the right to cancel bids by anyone who bids with an account less than 6 months old, has a feedback score lower than 10, or any other reason that leads me to imagine the transaction may not go as smoothly as I would like. SHIPPING: Free shipping to anywhere within the continental United States. Please email me for shipping quote to any location not specified in this listing (before bidding).


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