Benelli Classica 28 in. Vintage Style E-Bike Cruiser with Pedal Assist


Make cycling easier and more enjoyable with the Benelli Classica 28 in. E-Bike. The elegant vintage European styling combines with the power of pedal-help riding, to provide you with an exceptionally pleasant bike touring experience. The beauty, power, and grace of the Benelli Classica Vintage Style Electric Cruiser will keep you riding longer and having more fun. nThe vintage styling of the Benelli Classica 28 inch E-Bike Cruiser will turn heads whilst you’re out at the road. A sleek black frame with wheel covers is paired with a matte brown vinyl seat and handlebars. The sleek bullet-shape chrome of the front headlight provides both safety and style. Brown tube tires round out the overall style of sleek unfashionable elegance.nWhat makes this bike much more special is the battery-powered electric motor with 4 levels of pedal-assistance. Electric bicycles or E-Bikes have a small electric motor that allows for regular pedaling or can give you the rider assistance to accelerate, climb hills, and conquer wind resistance more easily. The Benelli Classica Vintage Style E-Bike is designed to be a city bike with the intended use for paved roads, gravel or dirt roads which can be in good condition and on bike paths. n


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