Argon 18 Frame Element E-118 S Matte Black 2012 Size Small


New: A brand-new, unused, undamaged item. Product DescriptionArgon 18 is proud to present its latest creation: the E-118. Built in a new mold and certified UCI-legal, this triathlon frameset expands and refines the concepts first embodied in the spectacular E-114 that helped establish the company’s stellar reputation in this field. This new frameset was developed in close collaboration with triathlon champion Tim O’Donnell and the Team SpiderTech riders, including Svein Tuft and Hugo Houle, Canadian Pro and U-23 time-trial champions, respectively. In Argon’s constant quest for Optimal Balance and taking a cue from the fields of aeronautics and F1, their R&D team pulled out all the stops on this bike, calling on CFD computer-simulation fluid dynamics technology in order to make a lighter, better integrated, more aerodynamic racing machine. Now you too can harness these technologies to break through to a higher level of performance. Features: 7105 HM Carbon CompositeArgon 18’s proprietary carbon fiber composite formula is specifically designed to strengthen and benefit the OB concept. HDS: Horizontal Dual SystemFollowing the HDS principle, the E-118 frame features lighter, smaller tubes in the upper parts of the frame to absorb road buzz and increase comfort, At the same time as the lower areas are built stout and strong, to ensure complete power transfer to the rear wheel. Whether in training or throughout a race, HDS construction lessens fatigue thanks to the enhanced comfort At the same time as concurrently maintaining maximum efficiency, losing none of the athlete’s power in propelling bike and rider fast forward. AFS Triathlon/Time-Trial GeometryThe result of long experience and painstaking analysis, AFS geometry ensures the bike remains stable and the steering accurate, even in the most intense effort. The rider can stay on the aerobars in situations where it isn’t advisable to do so with other bikes. Every aspect of the geometry contributes to increased keep watch over and an optimal position. Two of these play a particularly decisive role: Long chainstays- 400mm long in all frame sizes, they are longer than most of our competitors’ stays. The result is increased stability at high speed as well as crisp, faultless shifting, every time‚Ķbecause time is scarce.BB-Drop 75- At the same time as Argon’s competitors set their bottom bracket at a 70 or even 60 mm drop below the wheel hub centerline, they chose to drop theirs a little lower, at 75mm. Why?The lower center of gravity makes for a more stable, solid-feeling ride.Aerodynamics: CFD Virtual and Actual Wind Tunnel TestingArgon’s R&D staff copped a technological trick from F1 racing and designed the E-118 from scratch using Computer Fluid Dynamics- the virtual wind tunnel. These tests gave the team an accurate, detailed picture of airflow behavior around the bike and rider, letting the designers maximize aero efficiency in every part of the bike. A number of design variants were tested and the most aerodynamically effective shapes were incorporated into the prototype. CFD: taking research farther so you’ll be able to take your performance fartherThe rider’s moving, pedaling body accounts for 70% of drag. Making the most of CFD software’s almost unlimited computing power, Argon 18 completely digitized a pedaling cyclist- in this case, triathlon champion Tim O’Donnell-in order to include the rider in the design process from the outset. Wind tunnel data validation: an unprecedented research process is in the back of the E-118Now more than ever, rider and bike have become one. The virtual wind tunnel data guided the construction of a few prototypes which were then tested in a conventional wind tunnel, validating the CFD data and confirming the value of the design. This phase of testing yielded spectacular results: following an identical protocol, the E-118 shows an aero gain of 5% to 20% over the E-114, depending on yaw angle. Over an Ironman distance, this translates to minute an advantage of more than 7 minutes. ONEness 2.0, for a Perfect PositionCompletely re-invented for 2012, ONEness 2.0 lets the user quickly change from a 65mm to a 95mm effective stem length, in all frame sizes. The reversible AHB-7500 handlebar can be raised 10cm. Armrest adjustments: fore-aft, height, width, some of the versatile systems on the market Along with the reversible AHB7500 handlebar, the arm rests can be gradually adjusted for a total range of 10cm of height variability.Width- the armrests have a lateral adjustment range of 12 cm, enough to adapt to anyone’s physical proportions for an ergonomically sound position.Fore-aft: 4cm of incremental adjustment is available. BB86 Bottom BracketThe E-118 features a BB86 bottom bracket shell. This threadless system relies on press-fitted sealed cartridge bearings. With BB86, traditional threaded and external threaded are no longer necessary, reducing weight At the same time as boosting rigidity where it matters most. Electronic CompatibleOut of the box, the E-116 is equally compatible with Di2 / EPS or mechanical components. Regardless of the group you choose, all cables and wiring are internally routed for enhanced aerodynamics. Total Integration, taken a step fartherThe E-118 takes integration another step forward, with intelligently-designed components specific to the E-118. Apart from the monocoque frame, these include: A new full-carbon fork with an external, streamlined steer tube that reduces the frontal area, compared to the E-114.TRP’s Advanced Braking Systems, a very powerful V-Brake system that is tucked away in the back of the front fork and bottom bracket, generating virtually no drag.The new ASP-7500 reversible seat post has been updated with a lighter, simpler & low-profile seat clamp design-exclusive to Argon 18.Torque Specification Seatpost collar: 4 Nm (lubricate collar bolt with grease and use anti-slip carbon assembly compound on post/seat tube).Seatpost clamp adjustment bolts: 5 Nm.Seatpost rocker clamp: 8 Nm.Derailleur hanger bolts-front and rear: 4 Nm.Bottle cage mounting bolts: 3 Nm.International Cycling Union Certified The Argon 18 E-116 is one of the few bikes of 2012 to proudly bear the UCI approval sticker on its frame. In 2011 the International Cycling Union (UCI), has set up a new approval protocol system designed to ensure all frames and forks performing in professional road races adhere to the UCI regulations. The UCl certification label guarantees that the E-118 and E-116 Time Trial/Triathlon framesets fulfill all UCI regulations and are the right bikes to break through to a higher level of performance.


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