A unique hand-made wooden bike / mahogany bicycle ; Fahrrad aus Holz / Mahagony


Normal 0 21 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 The frame is created from massive wood. The core is created from beech wood, surrounded by massive mahogany wood. The shape is my own design, hand-made, lacquered 5 times with parquet lacquer and thoroughly polished. The transmission bowden cable is installed into the frame. The size of the frame is XL, the wheels 26’’, the Shimano back transmission gear is a six-speed transmission gear, Shimano brakes and the remainder of the important equipment. The weight is approx. 15 kilos (33lb). The bike could be very attractive, unique, the one one in all its kind on the earth, hand-made and fully functional! It’s not a racer but a “Caffe Racer” suitable for light bike trips. But even so, it’s in the centre of attention far and wide, where the owner shows up with it. This bike is suitable for true enthusiast or as a gift for cyclist. It is appropriate for a prize on cycling competition as well. Info: 00386 41 711 015 or: mitja_narobe hotmail com


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