500W Electric Foldable Bicycle All Terrain 36V 10AH Battery 26″ Tires


This POWER ELECTRIC BIKE features a high capacity battery system and motor that permits you to ride pedal assisted or You’ll let the motor do all the work. The customized motor has a 40 Nm torque with a riding speed of up to 20 miles per hour. Now You’ll bike uphill over 18° effortlessly. No sweat about hills or headwind.With a RECHARGEABLE BATTERY, You’ll enjoy hours of tireless riding with ONLY 3-4 HOURS CHARGING TIME. The improved system is the Powerbike boasts 36v10ah Li-Ion Lithium battery as its power system. The Battery Management System protects your battery from over-charging, over-load and extreme high temperature. You’ll enjoy 30 MILES range per charge. The battery is conveniently located on the rear rack and totally out of the way to make riding easy and comfortable.The HI-TECH MULTI-MODE CONTROLS SYSTEM makes switching gears easy with its 36V/48V smart controller. The multi-function/multi-mode on-board computer manages all systems. You’ll ride in the pure biking mode, doing the heavy lifting yourself or You’ll make it easier by the use of the pedaling fortify mode.FOLDABLE, AND EASY TO CARRY, the newly designed aluminum alloy grade 6061 frame and front-fork has passed all vibration tests. It’s collapsible top and front frame lets you easily carry the bike in the trunk of your car or take it on the Subway and buses.FRONT AND REAR DISC BRAKES keep you secure with a brake distance within 9 feet. The Hydraulic Disc Brake makes it easy to brake quickly when riding. An additional benefit that you are going to love is the THICK 4.0 INCH DOUBLE WALL puncture-proof tires of this electric bike make it easy to ride on many different terrains. The Rims features a 20*4.0 inch double wall Kenda tire. Brake System: F/R Disc Brake, Chain Wheel, Stem: Alloy Aluminum.Legal DisclaimerLIABILITY DISCLAIMER You are responsible for your own actions whilst the use of an electric bike. GOPower Bikes is not responsible/nor liable for any accidents or injuries (whether caused by you or others) that may occur right through your use. We recommend contacting your insurance provider to decide if your current insurance policy would cover you in the event of an accident.


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