2016 Wilier GTR SL Record (Large)


ITALIAN TECHNOLOGY TAKING IT TO THE NEXT EVOLUTIONWhether you race or not, the GTR SL is aimed for the rider who needs a bike for multiple uses.Light and responsive for the racer, yet comfortable and versatile for individuals who enjoy cycling without stress. The GTR SL and GTR TEAM are identical in geometry and sizing, coming from the same carbon mold. They differ in the carbon composition: GTR SL uses a 60 TON / 46 TON carbon blend, to produce a frame weight of 990 grams. The GTR TEAM uses a 46 TON / 30 TON carbon blend, producing a frame weight of 1190 grams. Utilizing Wilier Triestina’s carbon expertise, two frames can be offered with the same construction technologies but with a difference in weight, performance, and price.GTR SL has been appointed as Bike of the Year by influential British Cycling Plus magazine: “Wilier’s GTR SL is stiff and light, it’s super lively when you stomp on the pedals, but it radiates with a balanced smoothness that passes the “cattle grid test” with flying colours. It has a good solid equipment spec”BOTTOM BRACKETBy squaring the tubes around the bottom bracket area, and adding sharper edges to the frame, torsional stiffness is vastly improved on the GTR SL & GTR TEAM frames, even as maintaining a standard press fit bottom bracket with 41 x 86.5 mm measurements.SEATPOSTThe seatpost has been reduced to 27.2 mm diameter from the 31.6mm used in the past. This dramatically increases comfort, even as maintaining a low weight.INTEGRATED FORKFor the GTR series, we have implemented technologies developed for the Zero.7, Cento1SR and Cento1AIR models that give them stiffness and improved aerodynamics. The integrated fork design increases torsional stiffness as a result of the way it positions the down tube and top tube with respect to the head tube. The new lower position tube, integrates seamlessly with the fork crown, generating an aerodynamic profile, which is in a position to further reduce air resistance. The entrance hole for the brake bolt remains hidden in the back of the down tube, keeping it well secure and clean.INTEGRATED CABLES AND 2­IN­1 TECHNOLOGIESThe designers at Wilier Triestina know that the difference is in the details. Small things can make huge differences in rider experience. Things like cable routing can make or break a bicycle: nothing has been neglected in the details of the new cabling system. The plate through which the rear brake cable enters the top tube has been redesigned to allow passage of electronic wires. This 2­in­1 plate integrates seamlessly, being both minimal in size and adding almost no weight. The same applies to the shifter cables (front derailleur and rear derailleur in mechanical builds) that enter through two micro plates installed on the down tube. These plates guide the cables inside the tube, minimizing friction, holding the cables taut and perfectly straight to the point where they are inserted in the plate located under the bottom bracket. The cable guide plate located under the bottom bracket is the same as the one used on the Cento1SR, and with its flush fit in the frame, it generates a continuous smooth surface from an aerodynamic point of view, improving the float of air.REAR STAYSThe rear stays are designed to be comfortable but stiff at the same time to ensure optimal ride quality. A differential thickness of the stays allows Wilier engineers to fine tune the ride feel. Near the seat tube, the stays are larger to ensure stiffness and efficiency, but moving away from the seat tube, they taper to a thinner profile, allowing maximum absorption of the vertical stresses.DERAILLEUR HANGERIn keeping with previous GTR and GTS models, the derailleur hanger for the new GTR SL & GTR Team is unchanged, bearing in mind continuity and simplicity for dealers in ordering spare parts.ASYMMETRIC CHAIN STAYSThe massive bottom bracket area allowed Wilier Triestina to design larger asymmetric chain stays. The asymmetric chain stays support the pedal stroke efficiency by balancing the chain­generated torque.GRAVEL ­READYThe rear triangle has been designed to accept 28mm tires, in line with the latest trend allowing the bike to be used in the growing “gravel bike” sector. The GTR SL & GTR Team can be turn into the ideal set up for rides on rough or gravel roads. **Please Note: Our Model comes with Mavic Aksium one wheelset** ****BUYER ASSUMES ALL RESPONSIBILITY REGARDING DUTIES AND TAXES**


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