2016 Colnago V1-r Carbon Road Bike 52cm (54cm) 11-speed Di2 Dura-Ace Zipp 404


2016 Colnago V1-R 56cm Pictures are of actual bicycle for sale We recently procured a very special bicycle and one that I have been wanting to get into inventory ever since it was announced that Specialized Bicycle Co. was doing a joint venture with Formula One constructor McLaren Ltd to design, test and construct the ultimate road racing bicycle. Not only were we able to obtain one of the $20,000 Specialized McLaren Venge units but we were also able to obtain Colnago’s answer to the super Specialized. Shortly after Specialized joint venture with McLaren was announced Colnago joined forces with Ferrari to develop the bike you see below… The Colnago V1-R. How cool is it to have both a McLaren and Ferrari in the same room at the same time? In a word, very. With a frame cost of nearly $5000 and an as pictured build cost of more then $11,000, the Colanago V1-R is slightly less of a gut punch to the wallet then the obscene McLaren but still makes people gasp when they hear the cost. And this is why buying a bike such as this secondhand is the ONLY way to go. The depreciation rate on these ultra high-end “hyper bikes” is very steep and allows buyers to pick them up for half their original value just a few years after initial purchase. It’s like buying a Ferrari on the clearance rack!” So when I say that Ferrari engineering has a hand in the design and construction of this bike It’s not that i am blowing smoke. Ferrari’s engineers had genuine input into the V1-R, helping with the choice of carbon for the frame and aerodynamic testing. As you may have already guessed, the V1-R has two main aims: low weight and aerodynamics. With a claimed frame weight of just 835g this is one of the lightest Colnago produced carbon frames ever. Unique for a lightweight bike, Colnago spent significant wind tunnel time on the V1-R maximizing everything from tube shapes, fork blades and even the seat stays in pursuit of cheating the wind. Tube profiles are truncated NACA airfoils, all tested thoroughly at various yaw angles to be as invisible to the wind without making this bike look like odd like so many “aero” bikes. This one still channels the vibe of a traditional Colnago frame and with Colnago’s rich history in professional cycling it was important the V1-R still be recognizable as a Colnago. For those of you that may not understand what all the fuss is about with regards to the Colnago name, here is some history on what is arguably the most famous bike company worldwide… Founded in 1954 by Ernesto Colnago, Colnago begins building bicycles having been a bicycle builder at a Milano factory since 1946. Collaborating with Ferrari engineering, Colnago went on to produce some of the most celebrated and technologically advanced road bikes the world has ever seen. These bikes are so desirable that owners include Michael Schumacher, Prince Ranier of Monaco, Tom Cruise, even the Pope! More recently, great champions such as Oscar Friere, Ekimov, Museeuw, and Olano have ridden Colnagos to great results and both Navigators and Rabobank teams have chosen Colnago to provide bikes to get them to the podium. Colnago stand alone as the TRUE symbol of Italian road bikes. Colnago’s close ties with Ferrari engineering has produced a number of break throughs in carbon production. If you cut one of these bikes open, the inside is as finely finished as the outside! The bikes raw carbon fiber construction was simply left bare for all the world to see and is protected with a matte clear finish that makes the frame look like a window into the world of frame construction. The subtle frame graphics and, of course, that magical Ferrari prancing Horse just make this bike look like the pure bred race machine it is. The V1-R has been sprinkled throughout the pro pelaton with riders like Thomas Voekler and Pierre Rolland racing to stage victories aboard. “Carbon fiber is woven, like cashmere wool. There are many grades of quality of carbon fiber. To make a bicycle out of 8 to 10 layers of high modulus carbon fiber is expensive! That’s why many bicycle manufacturers are willing to cut corners, to save money by using a few layers of good quality carbon fiber, then using inferior materials as filler. That’s not the way we do it at Colnago; we have been working with the same Italian supplier for carbon fiber, ATR, for many years. They are the same company that supplies carbon fiber to Ferrari, Ducati and others; and in the bicycle sector, they work exclusively with Colnago.” – Ernesto Colnago This bike was built using the perfect selection of components in my opinion. Shimano’s top of the line Dura-Ace 9070 11-speed Di2 electronic drivetrain technology offers something that others cannot. Perfect shifting. Every. Single. Time. Dura-Ace Di2 front and rear derailleurs are controlled not only by push button shift levers on both brake levers but this bike is also equipped with the $300 optional “sprint shifters” on the handlebars allowing shifting with a sweep of your thumb whilst riding in the drop bar position. This system is so good, so adept and so intuitive that it jogs my memory of a modern automobile transmission. Crankset is of course Dura-Ace 9000 and are 172.5mm long and carry 52/39t gearing. Dura-Ace 9000 brakes at both ends give all the stopping power and excellent feel one could want whilst the cockpit is made up of Zipp carbon bars and stem and a 145g Fizik Antares carbon saddle complete with carbon rails. The saddle alone is a work of art! But it is the wheels that take this bike to the next level… A bike like this is no good without a wheelset to match and a set of Zipp 404 Firecrest 700c clinchers are the Cinamon in the Latte. These are the newer 1535gram 11-speed Shimano/SRAM compatible model in the optional “Beyond Black” finish. To create these ultra fantastic wheels Zipp worked with their material suppliers to develop a heat-resistant resin based on the materials used in motorsports brake systems. This proprietary technology improves heat management so substantially that all Zipp Carbon Clinchers pass stringent CEN safety standards which is important when you are putting carbon braking surfaces through heat cycles. Additionally, Zipp’s famous dimpled surface mimics a golf ball offering in offering an “Advanced Boundary Layer” which Zipp refers to as “ABLC”. The wheels are centered by Zipps smooth and fast 88/188 hubs. Using the precision of a Swiss bearing manufacturer these hubs set a new benchmark for bearing roundness and roll out. It is no wonder that Zipp wheels are some of the highest resale value wheels we chart and when spec’d on this bike they leave the new owner with no need to plan any upgrades. The inclusion of these wheels with the bike make this a turn key race machine. Add in the brand new, never ridden Continental Attack and Force tires – which are specific to front or rear use – and you really have about the perfect setup. These wheels are in beautiful condition with no obvious cosmetic or mechanical imperfections. They are dead true and match the bikes aura perfectly. Condition The overall condition of the bike is excellent. Only a couple cosmetic blems can I find and they are limited to some marks to the drive side crank arm, some light marks to the rear derailleur and to the edge of the saddle. The frame is cosmetically perfect. The normal marks I see to area like the rear seat stays or the front fork are simply absent on this specimen. This bike has been very well cared for and whilst I do not know the exact mileage I would guess it was around 2500 total miles based on the light wear to the braking surfaces and chainring teeth. Bike will arrive fully charged but the owner is keeping his Shimano Di2 compatible charger for use with his other bikes. Likewise, pedals are not included because most buyers already have a favorite pedal system. Geometry The Frame is listed as a 52cm by Colnago but in the tradition of Italian bikes it has a longer top tube length then most equivalent 52cm frames from the major players like Trek/Specialized/Giant. So this 52cm frame fits more like a 54cm frame with it’s 53.6cm top tube length. The bike has a 31″ stand over height and will best fit riders in the 5′ 7″ – 5 – 10″ range. We offer no international shipping. Don’t ask, the request will be denied. Overseas fraud and high shipping costs prohibits it. If you are overseas and would like to purchase a bike you see simply make sure the bid you are placing is coming from within the U.S. (Ebay blocks foreign bidders on our listings) and that the ship to address is in the 48 continuous United States. I am happy to ship the bike to a friend or family member so long as they are here on domestic soil. Payment expected within 5 days of auction close. If you cannot pay in this period of time please contact us and we’ll work out something convenient for you. We are easy to deal with and want any transaction we are involved in to not only be smooth but also a pleasurable experience. Because of this bikes weight and size, shipping will be $75 and that includes INSURANCE. Please allow up to 5 business days for the bike to be packed and an additional 4 days for FedEX insured delivery. We pack all bikes on Mondays and ship on Tuesdays (weather dependent). That is not to say if you purchase a bike on a Monday from us it will be packed that same day as we may already have a full docket of bikes to pack from prior in the week. Other times, a bike purchased and paid for on a Monday CAN be packed and shipped out the following day… it all depends upon that weeks work load. So please be patient as we do our best to get the bikes out as quickly as imaginable to their new owners as we know how exciting it is getting one of the beautiful machines. Oh, also, every so often we will be able to get an email with regards to our shipping policies. To clarify these policies and time periods I will be able to tell you the following…. We use FedEX and FedEX ONLY! They are the best at handling bicycles and they do an excellent job overall to make sure these very expensive and sometimes delicate machines make it to their destinations in one piece. We hand pack every bike ourselves using FedEX approved, BIKE SPECIFIC boxes. All bikes are packed using new packing materials. All bikes are shipped with proper bicycle specific plastic packing supports in place to protect the bike from crushing side loads sometimes experienced during shipping. These include the installation of plastic fork supports to keep the front fork from penetrating the bottom of the box and dérailleur side load supports and axle shields to keep the axle of the wheels from penetrating the side of the box. Also, we insert a SECOND SHIPPING LABEL in every box in case the original label is come what may pulled off the box. This ensures that the bike will make it to it’s destination. Lastly the box is sealed with industrial box staples to keep the load securely enclosed. (These are steps that other sellers on eBay just won’t do.) Oh and if you think FedEX insurance covers the bike whilst under their care, think again! The last thing FedEX wants to do is pay off on a damaged bicycle claim that costs as much as some used cars. They will deny the claim for the simplest of reasons. That is why we cover all the bases. We take EVERY precaution to make sure this bike is not only packed correctly but is also covered with TRUE insurance. Packing of a bicycle takes a significant block of time if done correctly. Note: If shipping to a residence, FedEX Home Delivery is closed Sundays and Mondays. Also, we do not ship when it is raining at our location. This is because we have discovered that a wet bike box doesn’t ship as well as a dry one and we cannot control the possibility of the shipping company leaving the package in the rain, if even for a moment. Inclimate weather may lengthen the time to ship out but it is well worth the peace of mind that the bike arrives in one piece, exactly as pictured. This is one thing we will be able to say that few other sellers of pre-owned bicycles can… Our bikes will make it to you as promised, as advertised and in EXACTLY the condition that it left us. Packing a bike is something that takes experience and taking short cuts will only land you in the nightmare of the FedEX claims department which can take months to unravel. Better to do it right the first time. All bikes require a signature upon delivery. Bikes are not packed until payment is received so keep in mind that if payment takes a week to receive that means a week delay in the packing of said bike. Local pick-up is always available. Email communications should be sent through eBay’s messaging system itself. Paying with PayPal will expedite shipping. Pedals are not included with bikes unless otherwise noted as I figure anyone looking at this level of equipment already has a favorite pedals system. I love talking bikes. Lastly, If you have zero (0) or negative feedback, I ask that you contact me first before bidding. I reserve the right to cancel bids from such members.


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