2015 Specialized Secteur Sport Double ENDURANCE 56cm LOW MILES


First things first, this is AN EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE BIKE to ride! It is built for endurance and for long rides. It isn’t like the Allez Comp, which if you rode it on rough pavement would have your eyeballs vibrating out your head!!! I know this from personal experience. SOLID endurance bike. I am the original owner of this bike. It’s got somewhere between 1,000-1,500 miles on it. The current Michelin endurance tires have about 100-150 on them.I’ve trued the wheels myself, but without the official apparatus. I’ve at all times trued according to the frame, not the brakes, so the balance must be pretty decent.Personally, I wasn’t going to tune this bike up any time soon. Doesn’t seem to need it yet. I’ve done regular fixes/adjustments/maintenance—brakes, spokes, lubrication. The chain rings have been cleaned regularly for the last couple years!It has AXIS 1.0 caliper brakes, 42-52 mm, which have not required much adjustment in that time.Carbon fork & Zertz inserts provide additional help absorbing shock.Excellent cosmetic condition with the exception of some scuffs and scratches to the paint.Shimano Sora gear system w/ 18 speeds. That’s 2 in front, 9 in back. As a result of such low miles I may not be relying on blue book to price this one but instead am simply open to offers. Unfortunately I cannot give you the direct link but the Specialized website features a page about the 2015 Secteur Sport. It is the best reference I know of. In case you have a good 29er I’d love to try it.


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