2015 Specialized S-Works Shiv Di2


2015 Specialised S-Works Shiv Di2 Frame Size: XL This motorbike is stock minus the Shimano Professional Missile Evo Aerobar. I replaced it with Specialised 2016 Aerobar. As really helpful by Specialised, this motorbike has additionally been upgraded to the TRP T922.1 TT Aero Canti Caliper Brake lever TRP TT / Barend RL970 blk carbon cable brake set. Shimano R55 C4 Carbon road pads. ($550 upgrade). Authentic Maguro hydraulic brake arrange can be sent with the motorbike. ***This motorbike isn’t subject to the 2015 Specialised aerobar recall, as this motorbike does now not have the 2015 Specialised aerobar.***


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